A woman has bored her family and friends to tears after “making autism her entire personality.”

Beth Haworth, 29, from Chester, was diagnosed six months ago – and hasn’t stopped obsessively researching her neurotype on the Internet since. “It makes sense of practically all the problems I’ve ever had and everything about my fundamental character traits. And I didn’t know for years. But I probably shouldn’t Google it so much,” Haworth said.

“She really doesn’t have to go on about it,” her father, Graeme Haworth, 61, said. ‘There’s much more to Beth than autism. Like her extensive coin collection, constant need for sameness and intense love of 15th century Tudor fashion.”

He noted that besides from the several psychiatric hospital admissions per year, Haworth was “absolutely fine” beforehand.

“We don’t mind Beth having autism as a hobby,” he continued. “But she always takes these things too far. Like the time she got so into a World War II school project she started carrying a ration book around, then tried to evacuate herself from the family home.”

“We have no idea why she does it.”

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