An autistic woman is reportedly “horrified” after being forced to partake in 56 minutes of drawn out chatter in exchange for a simple cut and blow – and then being asked to pay £40 for her ordeal.

Sarah Harrow, 33, from Crosby, realised her mistake as soon as she sat down in the styling chair. She said: “She asked if I was doing anything nice this weekend. I thought about it for a long moment and none of it was nice. So then we got stuck.”

The questions that followed didn’t go to plan, either. “She goes, what side is your parting was on? Depends on what issue, I told her,” said Harrow, confused.

For the rest of the appointment, Harrow proceeded to stare at hair stylist Krista Shure, 29, as she cheerfully talked her ear off.

“Krista was pretty, bubbly and outgoing,” she continued. “The entire time, though, I was wondering if she’d have bullied me at school. Then I saw her pale pink manicured nails and thought, definitely.”

“She spun me around at the end, wearing the silly bib,” she added. “I looked in the mirror. She smiled, ‘how does that feel?’. You feel like a silly, spinning little choirboy. Though of course you can’t say that.”

Although happy enough with the result, Harrow didn’t think it was worth all the hassle. She hopes to try it herself next time with a pair of kitchen scissors (“the ones I cut raw chicken with”) and reckons everything will be fine.

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