A late-diagnosed autistic woman seeking further support has been generously offered limitless sessions on social media with some cunts, it has been reported. 

Paula Mulberry, 41, spent three years on an NHS waiting list before her suspicions that she might be autistic were confirmed. When asked what support was available for her, she initially received a pamphlet titled Fucked If We Know.

Mulberry said: “When I followed up with the consultant psychologist, she pointed me in the direction of Twitter, where there are countless neurotypical men just frothing at the mouth to tell me all about what it’s like to suffer from autism.”

One user said: “Your (sic) too pretty to have autism. Still wouldnt (sic) fuck you tho (sic).”

Mulberry added: “I’m sure the NHS knows what it’s doing, so there must be some useful advice in amongst all the misogyny, ableism and death threats. I’ll keep looking.”

At the time of publication, Mulberry was reportedly still scrolling through her mentions. 

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