A track by pop artist Chappell Roan has caused a woman to view her autistic meltdowns in a fresh and sexy new light, according to reports.

Ellie Mulligan, 26, from Old Trafford, first heard My Kink Is Karma just a fortnight ago – but it’s completely changed her take on episodes of sensory overwhelm.

“It’s hot when you have a meltdown in the front of your house and you’re getting kicked out,” Mulligan sang. “I used to feel so insecure about screaming and smashing my fists into a wall every time I missed the train to work. Or because my favourite ready meal was sold out. But thinking about it, maybe my meltdowns look really hot? Maybe I’M really hot?”

“I think it’s a song about her ex, babe,” her friend, Avery Mann, 27, told her gently.

When asked for further comment, Mulligan cried: “Oh God, oh God, OH GOD!”

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