An autistic woman has woken up at 2am having suddenly realised why her whole deal feels horribly familiar, reports have indicated. 

Sarah Harrow, 24, who had begun to notice a strange sense of unease whenever she said or did things, initially thought she was experiencing déja vu, but came to a different epiphany in the early hours of Saturday when she got up to pee.

“Oh fuck,” said Harrow. “It’s Becky’s personality.”

“Becky‘s my new work friend,” she continued. “She’s so cool and pretty and she’s really into Chappell Roan. I didn’t mean to copy her, I guess it all just seeped in. I did wonder why I was suddenly talking in a Welsh accent.”

Becky Armitage commented: “That was supposed to be Welsh? I thought it was Talk Like a Pirate Day.’”

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