A woman who previously believed she was a single occupant has, in fact, been living with autism.

“I knew something was up,” claimed Beth Hapworth, 42. “I’d go to the fridge and find the contents organised by colour and shape, or I’d see that the cans in the cupboard had been put into order of expiration date. It just didn’t add up.”

Jones – described by her one friend as “eccentric” and “a bit odd” – additionally discovered a blanket fort built out of pillows and bedsheets. 

“At some point it must have put up fairy lights,” she said. “Because it looks bloody lovely.”

Despite the squatter refusing to leave, Hapworth remains ambivalent about next steps. “On one hand, I’m annoyed because I think it’s been using my moisturiser. On the other hand, my flat is spotless and now I think I know why. I might just let them stay.”

Autism couldn’t be reached for comment as it was busy putting up a shelf.

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