A cat experiencing anxiety at a house party is said to have been “relieved” after finding an autistic human to play with. 

Boo, seven, who prefers one-on-one social interactions, dislikes loud noises and abstains from drinking alcohol, told reporters he had been “wracked with nerves” when his owner, Robert Noot, 32, decided to throw a birthday party.

“I’m not very sociable,” admitted Boo. “It’s not even that I say the wrong thing. I don’t get that far. I usually tentatively approach someone who’s trying to talk to me before running away.”

“I tried to retreat to a quiet bedroom to find a nice pile of coats to sleep on,” Boo continued. “But they were full of guests making kittens.”

“Then I found Ben hanging out by himself in the kitchen, reorganising the spice rack,” Boo explained. “I was a bit shy, but Ben really put me at ease by slow blinking at me before giving me a finger to sniff. After that, it was like we’d known each other for years.”

Ben Espenson, 28, said: “Here, puss puss puss. Good boy. So much better than people.”

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