An autistic woman who is constantly being gaslit has decided to streamline things by simply making herself doubt her own sanity, sources have confirmed.

Paige Thomas, 41, who has spent the last four decades being told by family, colleagues and boyfriends that she’s imagining things, exaggerating or outright lying, called the decision to make the process more efficient “a logical solution”.

She said: “I started small – like during the recent heatwave, saying affirmations in the mirror like ‘isn’t the sunshine lovely?’ Then once I’d knocked my confidence a bit, moving on to outright denying it was hot out and eventually telling myself it’s actually snowing.”

“Once my grip on reality was fragile enough, I moved on to my boyfriend,” Thomas explained. “Who I told myself was a great guy, even though last time we had sex I said ‘this is the best day of my life’ and he replied ‘it’s not mine,’ before going on about Alton Towers.”

“At this point, I’m not even sure whether or not I actually gaslit myself,” said Thomas.

“According to me, I didn’t.” Thomas could not be reached for further comment as she was no longer sure about her phone number, home address or name.

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