An autistic woman embarking upon a new friendship has asked for the terms to be clearly dictated in a legally binding document, it has been reported. 

Paige Thomas, 24, agreed to an invitation for a drink after work with colleague Avery Mann, 25 – just as soon as she signs here and here and initials here. 

Thomas said: “I need to know exactly what is expected from me after we go for this so-called ‘casual’ beer. Precisely how many times a day am I supposed to text her and will she be expecting to be a bridesmaid at my wedding?”

“I’m not engaged or anything,” Thomas continued. “But it doesn’t hurt to know. I’ll have to bump my cousin, Olivia, and if that’s the case I need to start laying the groundwork now.”

Mann said: “Er… actually I think I might be busy after work. Rain check?”

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