A woman “worried” for the future of her autistic child believes the lead singer of Take That tried to contact her on Facebook, according to reports.

Tricia Squire, 66, from Elton, reportedly received a message from Barlow on Tuesday evening asking to “borrow two hundred quid.” “He’ll pay me back one day, I’m sure of it,” Squire told us. “He said he didn’t have his wallet on him. Probably too busy banging out songs on his piano. Or making wines.”

We tried to intervene, but Squire wasn’t having any of it. “I know there’s horrible people out there.” she said. “But Gary isn’t one of them. He wrote Shine, for God’s sake.”

“I’ve warned her about scammers,” Paul Squire, 39, explained to reporters – whilst hurriedly changing all of his mother’s passwords. “Like that email saying she’d won 11 air fryers.”

“I still haven’t got round to picking them up,” Tricia Squire admitted.

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