About The Daily Tism

The Daily Tism is a satirical news and culture website by autistic people for autistic people (and the people who like to laugh with us). Any resemblance to people living or deceased is purely coincidental, we don’t speak for all autistic people and we’ve now put enough caveats in there to warrant immediate diagnosis.

The Tism Team

Sara Gibbs

Sara Gibbs photo

Sara Gibbs is the weird pale ginger one who’s been staring intently at you for far too long. When she’s not working on The Daily Tism, she’s known to occasionally write books, such as her memoir Drama Queen: One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels and her debut novel, Eight Bright Lights, which was deemed “better than some novels” by her grandma.

She has also written for The Now Show, The News Quiz, Dead Ringers, The Mash Report, Have I Got News for You and many more shows that make men of a certain age write angry letters to the BBC about how everything is too woke these days.

Sara can regularly be heard jabbering away on Podcasts such as Aut-Hour, Leaving Erinsborough, Beatles Around the Bush and her brand-new podcast, Why Are You Doing This to Me, where she makes her friends hate watch horrible movies and then wonders why nobody wants to hang out.

Image by Juliet McKee Photography

Elsa Williams

Elsa WilliamsElsa’s first school report described her as a ‘highly unusual character’ – though she didn’t actually get an autism diagnosis until her mid-twenties due to the unfortunate fact of being Northern. She regularly tweets about her experiences of late diagnosis (as well as her undiagnosed-and-in-denial autistic father, who goes out at night in a hi-vis looking for badgers).

She’s written for Newsjack and The Independent, and was shortlisted for Sid Gentle’s Thousand Films Screenwriting Competition. She writes comedy scripts, screenplays and articles, and is currently working on a range of long-form creative projects. 

Elsa works part-time in mental health, where she often ends up insulting other women’s babies by accident. She’s also shit at using scissors.