A neurotypical woman who has selflessly dedicated her life to raising awareness about autism also wouldn’t mind if you bought these gut vitamins, it has been reported.

Karen Hoyland, 42, spends most of her day talking about the “devastating impact” autism has on families and supporting parents of “people suffering from autism” through their ordeal. She also happens to sell these gut vitamins, which she’s not saying will cure your child’s autism, as she’s not legally allowed to.

Holyand said: “I used to recommend bleach enemas, but for some reason I found it was a lot easier to sell people on what comes out of their child’s arse than what goes up it. I mean, I’m just raising awareness.”

She added: “I’m not saying these vitamins – which are only thirty quid a bottle – will get rid of your child’s autism, I’m just heavily implying it.”

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