An autistic person is anxious that they won’t receive a formal diagnosis at their upcoming autism assessment – despite providing the psychologist with a folder the size of Tolstoy’s War and Peace

Avery Mann, 40, who was asked to give “a few examples” about their autistic traits, started with a handful of relevant anecdotes but felt they didn’t want to leave anything out – “just in case that’s the thing that diagnoses me.”

Mann said: “Some of this may not seem relevant at a first glance, like the precise number of freckles I have, or my grandfather’s bank statements, but you never know.”

“What if I missed something crucial out by accident?” Mann continued. “I’m pretty much done, anyway – apart from the footnotes.”

Clinical psychologist, Liz McHodge said: “To be honest, I diagnosed them the moment they hand-delivered a leather-bound volume that weighed more than my toddler.”

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