A friendship between two autistic women has been described as “basically really amazing therapy but without the pesky boundaries,” sources have revealed. 

Paige Thomas, 27 and Beth Hapworth, 36, have been close friends ever since they hit it off in a Facebook group for autistic women – and have since shared every high, low and bowel movement. 

Thomas said: “My therapist is brilliant, but I can’t text her at 5.30am telling her about a dream I had where the hot priest from Fleabag was mean to me and made me cry.”

“It’s wonderful,” Hapworth agreed. “My counsellor is great at getting me to open up and come to important realisations – but she doesn’t make me custom children’s books where my ex is a crudely drawn character named Mr. Fishypigeon who will never find love.”

“We also talk about poo a lot,” Thomas chimed in. “So much poo,” the pair said in unison, before falling about laughing. 

Both Thomas and Hapworth could be reached for comment at all hours, but exclusively by each other. 

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