An autistic woman has identified a foolproof way of obscuring her romantic feelings – by ensuring every encounter is as sufficiently weird as the last one.

And according to Paige Thomas, 29, from Stockport – she’s never even had to try. “I just behave strangely with all people at all times,” she said, proudly.

“Every interaction causes me moderate levels of alarm,” Thomas explained. “Like when I’m phoning to book a doctor’s appointment. Or when I’m waiting at a self-service checkout because I’ve scanned something through twice by accident. Sometimes I just pretend I bought two.”

And it hasn’t come without sacrifices. “It’s cost me job interviews. Friendships. And I get weird looks from strangers,” Thomas admitted. “But when the attraction is there, and real? Nobody senses a thing.”

“She’s EXTRA weird around me, for some reason,” commented Avery Mann, 31, who was looking banging in a knitted vest.

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