A woman who has based her entire personality on having an autistic son has vowed not to let her son’s autism define him, it has been revealed. 

Karen Hoyland, 42, who tweets under the name “AutismMummy42”, said: “I’m doing everything I can to make sure the neurological condition that forms the basis of my son’s personality doesn’t become his whole personality.”

“I want the world to see him as a human being who happens to have autism, not an autism that happens to have a human host,” she continued. “So I post videos of his meltdowns to the Internet, to show the world what it looks like when he lets his autism win.”

“I’m trying to set a good example about autism not taking over everything. That’s why in addition to ‘autism mum’, my bio says ‘drinker of tea.”

Hoyland’s son could be reached for comment, but our reporter couldn’t hear him over the noise of his mother talking.

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