Despite waiting years to be formally diagnosed, an autistic woman found herself unexpectedly enlightened yesterday, sources have confirmed.

Emma Bernard, 29, had her world changed forever at her Great Uncle’s 70th bash when, whilst retrieving a sausage roll, a man told her that she really didn’t look autistic at all. 

“It’s a relief he told me,” said Bernard. “I knew I’d been pretending to be autistic all my life, due to faking social struggles, crying at birthday parties and a recurring, haunting sense of loneliness, but it all makes sense now.”

Robert Noot, 57, who has undiagnosed numerous autistic women online, spotted the signs immediately. He said: “She was an adult, for one. No interest in trains. And her breasts were out. I knew I had to act fast.”

Perhaps most impressively of all, Noot admitted: “I’ve never even read a book on autism. But I’ve seen Rain Man at least twice, so I think I know what I’m talking about.”

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