An autistic woman is just going through the motions with her special interest because she doesn’t have the heart to tell it the spark is gone, sources have confirmed.

Freya Emerson, 30, and her long-term hyperfixation, dinosaurs, 225 million, have reportedly been growing apart lately, with Emerson unexpectedly developing feelings for Greek mythology. 

Emerson said: “I’ve been in love with dinosaurs for so long, I thought we’d be together forever, but you know how it is. People change.” She added: “Don’t roar at me like that, you’re only making it harder.”

Dinosaurs said: “Roaaaaaaar,” which roughly translates to “Freya’s been distant for months. Last night we caught her Googling ‘Persephone and the underworld’. She shut her laptop, but not before we saw the open Wikipedia page.”

They added: “Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar”, which translates to: “It’s like we’re dead to her. I guess, in way, we always have been.”

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