An autistic woman whose friend never showed up to their pre-arranged hangout three months ago is still waiting outside the Accessorize at Clapham Junction station ‘just in case’, it has been revealed.

Sarah Harrow, 25, was due to meet Paige Thomas, 24, at 11.45am on Saturday, 4th February 2024. According to Harrow, Thomas – who had forgotten to put the arrangement in her Google calendar – is still, apparently, running late.

Harrow said: “I arrived on time, by which I mean I arrived half an hour earlier than we said, just to leave a buffer in case the train ran late or I got lost on my way. At around 11.50am, I started to worry. By noon, I was hyperventilating and basically, I haven’t stopped since.”

“I did WhatsApp Paige,” she continued. “But she has read receipts turned off, so I don’t know if it got through. I don’t want to leave in case her train is just delayed by three months. If she gets here after such a hellish commute and I’ve fucked off home, I’m going to look really rude.”

She added: “I’ll give it another three months, then maybe I’ll try calling her.”

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