A woman encouraged to bring “her whole self” to work has since been sacked, sources claim.

Emma Bernard, 27, had seemed quiet and reserved when starting her office job four months ago. Naturally, her new team noticed and decided to step in. To the horror of her colleagues, Emma began talking about her various mental health issues, how her mother still doesn’t know she’s a lesbian and the fact she HATES being asked what she’s up to at the weekend (“It’s all just lies”).

“She said she was worried about showing us the real Emma,” her line manager Paula Mulberry, 53, told us. “We said, we LIKE the real Emma. Which in hindsight was a horrible mistake.”

“I did warn them.” Bernard said. “I was holding it all back for a reason.”

What’s next for Bernard? “I might just drown myself in the bathtub”, she said.

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