An autistic woman who paused for a prolonged period during a therapy session was actually recalling a recent Instagram reel, it has been revealed.

Sarah Harrow, 25, has been attending regular weekly appointments with an experienced counsellor – but worries when her mind starts to wander to unlikely animal pals. “Like that ginger cat that has a Scouse meow,” Harrow admitted.

“My therapist keeps thinking we’re having a crucial moment. That I’m holding back something insightful,” Harrow explained. “Really, I’ve just remembered some frogs in rubber rings floating down a stream to the tune of Linger by The Cranberries.” 

“I want her to think I’m deeply profound and having epiphanies nonstop,” she continued. “Imagine if I told her my brain had occasionally gone to Hacker the Dog.”

“We’re just normal men. Just innocent men.” Harrow said.

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