An autistic child is desperately appealing to “rehome” his neurotypical mother, it has been revealed.

Finley Rice, seven, from Cheshire, says he is “wracked with guilt” after admitting that he can no longer cope with mum Paula Rice, 41. He hopes that by speaking out, however, other autistic children might feel more comfortable in coming forward.

“She’s always been difficult, but this is a whole new level,” Rice said. “Our kitchen walls are fucking covered in motivational quotes. And she keeps calling yogurts ‘naughty’.”

Recently, things have become too much for Rice to bear. “She’ll be leaping about the living room in leggings to Calvin Harris songs, repetitively moving from side to side, punching the air. It’s really distressing to watch – I have no clue what to do.”

Paula Rice was unavailable for comment, for the next track was about to start.

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