An autistic child has issued a statement thanking his parents for increasing his future employment prospects by constantly posting videos of his most vulnerable and private moments on the Internet.

Finley Rice, seven, said: “My parents have been working tirelessly to build me a brand as ‘child who has meltdowns’. It’s something I never would have thought to do myself, being seven.”

“I don’t know much about the working world,” Rice continued. “But I’ve been told that having autism will make it hard for me to get a job one day, so I’m really grateful that my parents have decided to be proactive.”

“Some of the videos have had hundreds of thousands of views,” the statement went on. “So when I finally enter the workforce, I should have a massive profile. I’m sure that will only help me.”

Parents Graeme and Karen Rice, both 40, were unavailable for comment as they were busy uploading an Instagram reel of Finley getting overwhelmed at the supermarket, captioned: “Just another Tuesday at Tesco 😔.”

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