An autistic woman has been reported missing after a friend phoned her “for no particular reason”, it has been reported.

Avery Mann, 32, received the phone call from friend Freya Emerson, 29, at 4.53pm last Saturday for a “catch up” with no clear purpose that lasted an excruciating 73 minutes. 

Mann said: “Freya didn’t provide an agenda for the conversation, so how was I supposed to know when it was over? Every time I thought the chat appeared to be reaching a natural conclusion, she found a new topic to throw everything into chaos again. By the end of it I was physically sweating. Why does she need to know how my mum is? She’s never even met my mum.”

She continued: “I wasn’t expecting the call and she interrupted a really satisfying Wikipedia rabbit hole about doomsday cults. I only picked up in case someone had died.”

Emerson commented: “It was so lovely catching up on Saturday. Let’s do it again really soon!” Avery Mann has not been seen since.

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