An autistic woman has honed the art of looking normal – despite having a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of all three Bridget Jones films, it has been rumoured.

Ellie Mulligan, 34, knows extensive character lore, filming facts and even where they bought Mark Darcy’s folding underpants from. 

“I’ll go for a ‘maybe?’ and ‘or something’, after a pause,” Mulligan explains. “Even though I come out with random and weirdly particular facts throughout the duration of the film, it surely signals I have a merely healthy interest in the subject. They will never know.”

Friends of Mulligan said they were appreciative of her commentary, but would actually just quite like to watch it. 

Did she know Renée Zellweger interned at a marketing job to prepare for the role? “Actually, it was a publishing house,” Mulligan said. “I think.” 

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