A Manchester woman has wowed onlookers by revealing that her autistic superpower is the ability to recite the entirety of Lindsay Lohan’s 1998 film, The Parent Trap, complete with hammy accents and elaborate secret handshake, it has been reported.

Krista Shure, 35, was delivering a work presentation about local drainage systems when she happened to mention in passing that she was autistic, prompting a colleague to ask: “What’s your superpower, then?”. Shure responded with an epic 128-minute one woman performance of the film, playing every single role – including Sammy the dog.

Shure said: “So if your mum is my mum, and my dad is your dad, and we’re both born on October 11th, then you and I are, like, sisters!”

She continued: “Sisters? Hallie, we’re, like, twins!” Shure then embraced herself, whilst belting out the film’s heartrending soundtrack.

Colleague Graeme Hart, who asked the question that prompted the demonstration, said: ‘It was genuinely something. Especially when she pierced her own ears right there on the conference table.”

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