An autistic child whose parents claim is “incapable of showing affection” regularly hugs and kisses his cat, Trevor, it has been rumoured. 

Finley Rice, seven, was diagnosed as autistic after his parents noticed he wasn’t achieving regular milestones, such as looking them in the eye, wearing wanky little outfits they bought him, and saying “I love you” on command.

His mother, Karen Rice, said: “It breaks my heart that Finley can’t say ‘I love you, Mum’. It’s like my little boy is trapped in there and can’t get out. I know he’d tell me if he could, but he just can’t.” Meanwhile, Trevor the cat, 3, was being sandwiched in a fierce and doting cuddle.

She added: “Maybe with enough time and therapy, we can get him to understand the concept of love.”

“Maybe his parents are just shit,” said Trevor.

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