A woman approaching her 98th birthday has received a late late diagnosis of autism, reports have confirmed.

Julie Walker, 97, from Goole – who received the full copy of her assessment report last Thursday – initially assumed her letter from the King had arrived early.

Was the news a relief? “They tried to ring me during Call The Midwife,” Walker snapped, shushing us as Vanessa Redgrave’s voiceover started up again. It was her seventh rewatch of the same series.

“It’s a shame she wasn’t diagnosed sooner,” autism specialist Ryan Wilkins, 33, said. “There are lots of reasons girls can be overlooked. But in Julie’s case, we do appreciate there was a war on.”

Despite her belated diagnosis, Walker has already begun to find autistic community. “She’s been in touch with a group of fellow late-diagnosed women. And a boy who’s nearly 12,” Wilkins said.

“We’re hoping she’ll be around for the follow-up appointment in six months time,” Walker said – before pausing briefly. “Fingers crossed.”

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