An autistic woman has made the decision to stop seeing her therapist after several sessions – due to realising she wasn’t romantically interested in her.

Paige Thomas, 29, from Sheffield, attended just three appointments with counsellor Tricia Squire, 47 before admitting – via text- that “it wasn’t working out”.

“Our first session was somewhat strange,” Squire remarked. “When I asked what she was looking for in a therapist, I was referring to Paige’s needs at present. I didn’t think she’d give a full breakdown of her physical criteria. And I certainly didn’t expect her to say ‘like Gillian Anderson, except when she’s being Margaret Thatcher.’”

“There was lots to explain to Paige,” continued Squire. “For instance, that my use of ‘we’ was merely to normalise what she was experiencing, and not because her and I were a couple. Or could ever be.”

“Tricia was nice, but there wasn’t much of a spark there,” Thomas admitted. “I’ll have to go back to Therapist Tinder — I mean, the Counselling Directory.”

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