Autistic people have no sense of humour – according to a man who still answers the phone with a line from a 1999 Budweiser commercial.

Graeme Hart, 45, made the pronouncement after seeing a poster for autistic comedian, Joe Wells, at the pub, prompting him to rant about how “I’m funnier than that clown,” before launching into an impression of Michael McIntyre’s “man drawer” routine. 

Hart said: “I added my own bits in, like pairs of glasses with old prescriptions. All the lads were wetting themselves laughing. I bet that autism guy couldn’t do that.”

“I finished it off with my Crazy Frog bit. It’s where I say ‘I know all the words to the Crazy Frog song’ and then do the Crazy Frog song,” he continued. “A person with autism would probably just feel sorry for the Crazy Frog and try to help it.”

Pub owner, Paul Shinter, 50, said: “Oh that guy? He’s annoying but harmless enough. He usually wears himself out after the fifth ‘ring ding ding da baaaaa’.”

“A few people have gone to another pub, but Joe will make up for it next week with his sold-out stand-up show.”

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