A newly dumped autistic woman’s friends have expressed optimism about her recovery, as she was overheard bawling her eyes out to the new Taylor Swift album.

Paige Thomas, 25, first streamed The Tortured Poets Department LP several days after she was left by now-ex-boyfriend, Dexter Livingstone, 27. The development came after friends reported Thomas going through the first five stages of grief before landing on the penultimate step before healing and moving on to her Reputation era. 

Housemate Liz McHodge, 28, said: “We’re all very happy Paige has stopped denying, bargaining and refreshing his Insta feed to check that he’s the exact right balance of OK and miserable – but if I have to hear My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys one more time, I’m setting the place on fire, tenancy deposit be damned.”

She continued: “The last we saw of her was three days ago when she ventured into the kitchen to retrieve a box of Hobnobs. She said ‘have you heard Down Bad? Because that’s exactly how this feels, except for the bit about going to the gym,’ then disappeared again.”

“Knowing Paige, it won’t be long before she over-indulges in the album and can never listen to it again,” McHodge added. “At which point we’ll be ready to form the world’s most devastating girl squad and show him what he’s missing.”

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