The only autistic man who managed to avoid debilitating social anxiety was raised in the woods by a feral pack of predators, it has been revealed. 

Gavin Monks, 27,  known by his wolf family as He Who Runs Weird, has developed the condition since rejoining civilisation. 

Monks reportedly lived with the wolves since getting lost on a ski trail in the Austrian alps at the age of seven. 

“We were pessimistic about his recovery at the time,” said Monks’ mother, Liz Monks. “As a person with autism, he was unlikely to survive the harsh winters as he hated wearing a coat – and would probably fall off a cliff or something.“

“He’s barely spoken since he was rescued,” she continued. “We think he must be traumatised by living amongst such aggressive creatures with confusing communication and complex social hierarchies.”

“Plus, that loin cloth can’t have been comfortable.”

Gavin Monks was last seen  howling in the direction of the forest – which apparently translates as wolf for “Mum, can you come and get me?”

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