A woman who caused her therapist to become misty eyed during a session is feeling secretly smug about it, according to reports.

Emma Bernard, 25, from Carlisle, swears she saw counsellor Tricia Squire, 45, becoming tearful when Bernard was recounting her early childhood years – and insists the moment was “almost worth all the trauma”.

“She SAYS you can’t win at therapy, but I reckon that’s sort of bollocks,” Bernard told us. “She literally never stops writing stuff down. I’m still hoping she’ll reach for the box of tissues on the table one day – but as Tricia says, it’s important to take these things one step at a time.”

“It was like she was watching Paul Mescal in Aftersun. Except the sad story was me,” Bernard continued, in awe. “I’ve found myself WANTING terrible things to happen in my life, just so I can go and tell her about them.”

“Therapy is difficult and very painful at times. Emma might well be feeling some tricky feelings post-session.” Squire told us. 

Meanwhile, Bernard was seen Googling “therapeutic equivalent of orgasm???”.

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