An autistic schoolgirl has been given an egg-mayonnaise sandwich to take in her packed lunch in an act some would describe as “unforgivable”, it has been reported.

Mary Walker, eight, has always struggled to make friends. The only appropriate solution, her mother Paula Walker, 43, decided, was packing her onto the bus with a foiled package akin to a nuclear weapon.

“I’ve no clue why she does it. I mean, just fucking look at me,” said Mary, who can’t catch a ball and enjoys picking up woodlice.

“There was well-thought logic behind this.” Paula explained, “Nobody seems to sit with her at school, so I thought it might help.”

“Due to her autism, she’ll dismantle the sandwich: carefully separating the filling from the slices of bread, then depositing it into a small, smelly pile on the table. I’ve no idea how this doesn’t make her an enticing candidate for a friend.”

Despite this, Mary’s pleas for jam still go ignored.

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