An autistic woman has been hailed online as “an inspiration” after going from very severely depressed to slightly less depressed, it has been reported.

Ellie Mulligan, 28, who has been suffering from a clinical depressive episode for several months, is reported to have both brushed her teeth and showered this morning – a vast improvement from having been “living like a swamp beast,” her housemates have said.

Housemate Avery Mann, 26, said: “Ellie used to be so depressed, she couldn’t complete basic tasks. Now she’s still very depressed, but her teeth are less manky and she’s put on clean underwear.”

Mann was so impressed Mulligan’s miraculous transformation that she filmed the entire thing for social media. “She didn’t know I was filming her,” admits Mann. “But I’m sure she’ll love the finished product. I edited uplifting music underneath it. I think it’ll change lives.”

Mulligan said, “what the fuck, Avery? Get a fucking hobby. No wonder I’m depressed.”

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