An autistic woman has been shocked to discover “inner child work” is not a means to generate income – halfway through a course of therapy.

Sarah Harrow, 27, had been seeing an NHS professional for eight weeks when she arrived at the realisation that she was being exploited.

“I was expecting to see some cash at the end of it. But turns out it’s like, voluntary?” Harrow said. “It’s a fucking scam, honestly. They should state that at the very beginning.”

“We went through all sorts together. Boyfriends calling me needy. Grandma calling me fat – then offering me tinned pudding and custard,” she continued. “Do they think I’d do that for the experience?”

“It’s about addressing those needs that haven’t been met,” CBT therapist Liz McHodge, 43, explained. “Giving yourself a hug.”

Harrow responded: “I’d rather have a nice throw from John Lewis.”

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