An autistic woman has confessed to leaving a sleepover in 2007 due to preferring to sleep in her own bed, sources have confirmed. 

Paige Thomas, from Liverpool, who was 12 at the time, said: “I pretended that my parents were worried. In actual fact, I’d crawled to the bottom of my sleeping bag, frantically dialled my Sony Ericsson W200i and hissed down the line at them to come and get me.”

A group of three girls, reportedly named Kelsey, Sarah and Beth, watched the scene unfold from an upstairs window. 

“I faked being escorted into my mum’s car like the back of a police van,” Thomas, now 28, admitted. “When really I was going home willingly.” 

“The fact of the matter is: it’s just shit sleeping on somebody else’s floor.”

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